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The Titan II LF

Whether it’s a wheelchair passenger, business traveler or an elderly rider, the Titan II LF completely eliminates the need for steps to enter or exit the vehicle. There is also no longer a need for the traditional wheelchair lift. The Titan II LF is offered with either a Braun or Ricon bifold power ramp. This new low floor kneeling bus utilizes the rugged Chevy G4500 Gas chassis platform along with a heavy duty “Purpose-Built” floor structure designed and produced by Spartan Chassis. One of the most impressive features of the Titan II LF is the 4-corner, self-leveling air-ride suspension with kneeling capability. With the touch of one switch, the complete unit will kneel to achieve a 1:6 ramp slope which exceeds ADA’s current minimum, at the same time providing a level floor surface for all wheelchair positions. The Titan II LF offers true random access for up to 5 wheelchair positions or can seat up to 21 ambulatory passengers. With Glaval’s solid reputation for building a quality product, the Titan II LF is sure to help make life easier!




Titan II LF Specifications

Chassis Chevy Cutaway
Wheelbase 159" / 190" / 214"
Front Axle Rating 4,600 lbs.
Rear Axle Rating 9,600 lbs.
Overall Length 24' / 26' / 28'
Overall Width 96"
Overall Height (Excludes escape hatch or roof A/C) 114"
Front Overhang 38"
Interior Height 78" (Behind wheelwell)
82" (in front of wheelwell)
Interior Width 92"
Aisle Width 18"
Clear Door Opening 40"
Ground to Entry Height at Kneeling Position 10 7/8"
Ground to Entry at Ride Height 14 5/8"
Specifications subject to change without notice
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

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