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Prime Time

The PRIMETIME, with its wide variety of floorplans, top-quality components, and your choice of optional equipment, gives you a quality-built steel bus at a price that makes good business sense. And, while strength is a high priority, style and comfort are equally important in tour, charter and shuttle vehicles. Each interior is built to your specifications - because that's way it should be!



Prime Time Specifications

Chassis Ford E350 RV
Wheelbase 138"
Engine Gas: 5.4 V-8, 6.8 V-10; or Diesel: 7.3
Transmission E40D - 4 Speed
Tires Wide Profile Radial
Exterior Height 106" / 111"
Exterior Width 84" / 96"
add 8" for wheel flairs (4" per side)
Interior Height 76" / 78"
Interior Width 80" / 92"
Length 20' / 21'
GVWR 10,700
Specifications subject to change without notice
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

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