The Glaval Advantage


Vacuum Laminated Walls
Wall Structure is filled in with high-density foam for strength and insulation. Greatly reduces road noise and improves heat and A/C efficiency.

Bolted Structures
Mechanically fastened walls to floor; roof to walls-reduces stress points.

Electrical Panel
With laminated legend mounted on door panel for ease of trouble shooting.

In-House Undercoating
Units are sealed with expanding spray foam and fully undercoated. The Toe-In Toe-Out Alignment Standard ready for service upon delivery.

Standard Cove Molding
Cove molding radius edges for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Custom Driver Console
Ergonomically designed for ease of use. Allows the driver to have better access to the passenger area.

Structural Foam Insulation in Roof
Entire roof is sprayed with expanding insulation foam for superior passenger heat and A/C efficiency.Less outisde noises.
Structural rigidity.

Lift Installation
Lift mounted directlty to steel floor frame structure, provides supperior strength and allows constant torque and stability.

Full View Curb Side
For improved visibility and safety.

    Glaval's Manufacturing Facility with More than  
300,000 Square Feet of Office & Production Space  

Glaval Bus is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company.